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Join us for a week of singing, dancing and acting as we immerse ourselves into the theme of each camp, and put together a show to be performed for families on the last day. 

 Campers will gain confidence, learn new skills and have a blast taking on the scenes, songs and characters from their favourite Broadway and animated musicals. Students will come away from the camp with new friends and life long memories, and you will have your heart filled with the sound of their voice as they share their new favourite songs with you!

Somewhere Over The Rainbow:


Ages 3-6, 5-8 and    9-14 

 A Musical Theatre Journey to Oz


March 18-22 

Step into the magical world of Oz at our enchanting musical theatre spring break camp! 

Calling all munchkins aged 3 to 14, this is your chance to use your heart, your brain and your courage for a week of Emerald City-sized fun. Join us as we skip down the yellow brick road of creativity, where every child is a star and every performance is a whirlwind adventure. Our camp is more than just a journey over the rainbow; it's a chance to click your heels together and discover the joy of self expression with a 'Wicked' sense of wonder.

Get ready for a week of wizardry where imaginations run as wild as flying monkeys, and every young performer is a star. This camp is sure to be a 'Toto'-ly awesome time, where dreams take center stage in our very own Oz-some adventure!

March 18-22, 2024

Ages 3-6 | 9-12pm

*$205- Early Bird Discount if registered and deposit paid by Feb 1, 2024

Ages 5-8 and 9-14 | 9am-3pm

*$405- Early Bird Discount if registered and deposit paid by Feb 1, 2024

St.John The Divine Anglican

Shrek Cast Bonding Camp Squamish.jpg

March 25-28

Swiftly to Broadway:


Ages 5-8 and 9-14

Musical Theatre Goes Pop! 

March 25-28, 2024


*$330 - Early Bird Discount if registered and deposit paid by Feb 1, 2024

Calling all pop music lovers! Take your place in the spotlight for the ultimate Taylor Swift and pop music-themed musical theatre spring break camp!

Get ready to shake it off, sing your heart out, and dance like nobody's watching. This camp is tailored for Swifties of all ages and genders, because pop music is for everybody!
It's not just a camp; it's a journey through the magical world of Taylor's lyrics and infectious beats.

Join us for a four day week of fearless creativity, superstar performances, friendship bracelets, and making memories that will last forever. 

Summer Camp 2024
info coming soon!
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