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Feel inspired, connected and alive.

At Act Alive Academy we offer a Fall, Winter and Spring term each year as well as seasonal camps, school programs and birthday parties.

All of our instructors are industry professionals who bring their many years of training and experience to every class.


Though we help develop very skilled performers and yogis, we value the learning process and aim to make the experience fun and inspiring as students gain new skills and strengthen existing ones.

A letter from our founder and artistic director Jessica Kelly


To my dear community,


Ms.Jessica here!


Thank you all so much for saying yes to being apart of our Act Alive family. I would love to share a little about me, and why I am so grateful, proud and humbled to be a leader in this community.


Since I was a small child I have been involved in the performing arts and was heavily influenced by my ballet and musical theatre teachers who supported my creative growth for many years. While my body type did not always support me in being the most technical ballet dancer, I was always acknowledged for my strengths in the performing arts which gave me a lot of confidence in my teen years and allowed me to feel seen and valued at a time where I was struggling with my self confidence. As a young adult, I found yoga soon after the unexpected passing of my father, and learned invaluable mindfulness techniques and physical movement practices that took me through a very difficult time in my life.

After dedicating my early career to sharing my passions with youth, I started Act Alive to offer kids and teens a place where they could be appreciated for the unique gifts that they bring to the world, and to offer them guidance as they explore the performing and creative arts. I want to share the practices and passions that have helped me grow and develop the most, and to be a mentor for youth in my community.


"Act Alive"- while being a play on the word act, is also a reminder to engage with life and to participate whole heartedly in activities that make you feel inspired, connected and alive.




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