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Stay creative and have fun all year round with Act Alive camps!

We offer Pro-D Day Camps throughout the school year, in addition to our Spring Break and Summer Camps. 

Both our day and week-long camps will include training in singing, dancing, acting and and finish with a final performance. In addition to putting together the show, campers will also have the opportunity to make crafts to be used as props and sets in the show, play games and go through experiences that will leave them feeling empowered, self-assured and supported.

Now Registering our 2023 Pro-D Day Camps! 

Pro-D Day    Camp


Ages 8-16


Feb 6 2023 |   $75

Come and learn a song, scene and dance from the popular Broadway Musical Hamilton.

Kids ages 8-16 are welcome and encouraged to come out for a day of Musical Theatre fun that will include skill building in dance, acting and singing,playing fun and confidence building improv games and end in a final performance at the end of the day.

Shrek Cast Bonding Camp Squamish.jpg

January 20  | $75

Shrek Cast
Pro-D Day    Camp


Ages 5-16

In this one day cast bonding session, cast members from all 4 groups will come together to play, mingle and get to know each other. 

In addition to fun and silly games with awesome Act Alive gear prizes, kids will have an amazing time learning from other groups, and getting to know their fellow cast members. At Act Alive we take great pride in our strong and diverse community, and know that this special CAST ONLY camp will be impactful, ridiculous and next level fun. Spaces are very limited in our current space (5 kids per group) so please sign up ASAP if you are interested and if there is enough interest we can move to a bigger space rather than turning people away. Come make new friends, win awesome Act Alive Gear , and show and tell and workshop scenes and dances with other groups.

Over the last ten years, my child has been involved in many different programs offered by Act Alive. Ms Jessica provides a safe space for youth to develop both technical skills and artistic expression within a welcoming performance community. Not only is Jessica an amazing teacher, she also is a positive role model and mentor who has been instrumental in the development of my child’s self-assurance and passion for participation in the performing arts world. ​


Throughout my time with Jessica at Act Alive I have developed a stronger sense of being, as well as making connections to new peers. Within this environment, I am able to express myself while also creating stronger bonds with myself and those around me.

What I really like about Act Alive is how much fun we have being creative.​

Summer Camp 2023 info coming soon!
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