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Centre Stage Minis
 AGES 3-5

Jan 3 - March 7

Jan 3 - March 7

Tuesdays: 10-11am
$204 plus GST/term

35 Classes a year

Whether your child loves the spotlight or needs a little help to come out of their shell, they will have a blast exploring the magical world of singing, dancing and acting.

In this intro to musical theatre class, kids will have the opportunity to make new friends and have their imaginations sparked while building their confidence and sense of self through creative play and character exploration. They will also love rehearsing a musical theatre song and dance to be filmed and sent to parents at the end of the term.


Students enrolled in our Spring term will also have the opportunity to perform in our Centre Stage production of Shrek The Musical at the Eagle Eye Theatre in June.


Little Storytellers


 Performance Art for Preschoolers
Ages 3-5 


Jan 5 - March 9

Oral Storytelling helps spark imagination, improve listening skills, build vocabulary and create connection!

Come and explore locally inspired stories, songs, and poetry and learn to tell a story through music, drama, art and dance. Each week will include crafting activities related to our story as students bring their favourite elements to life through puppet and prop making as well as expressing the story through dancing, singing, acting, playing instruments and exploring nature. Each term will end in an in class performance for family where the students will share how the wisdom, knowledge, values and traditions of the story have been woven into their being.

Jan 5 - March 9 2023

Thursdays: 10-11:30 am

Glow Studios


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